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The Easy Options with the cycling water bottle Now


Sticky, sugary drinks can easily turn your bike flask into an incubator for bacteria and mold. Below, we have put together some tips to help you keep your bottles fresh and clean for several bike seasons. The cycling water bottle is important to use now.

Hand washing the bottle

Washing the flask manually with warm water and soap is the easiest way to clean the bottle after the trip. Any detergent is suitable for this. The main thing is to wash it well from there, otherwise it will leave its unpleasant smell inside. If you still need to get rid of the unpleasant odor, you can pour plain water with a small amount of vinegar into the flask and leave it for a while, and then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Using brush

A simple long-handle brush is available at most department stores and hardware stores. With its help, it will be much easier for you to wash a bottle with a narrow neck, and they will reach the bottom in long liter jars. The brush will clean the plaque well, which will affect the quality of water and your health, do not neglect this.

Do not forget the cover

The liquid you drink flows through a special cap, so you need to stop your attention on it. Rinse it well, do not forget that it is this cap that holds the water inside the bottle, and therefore, it should work well. Pass a little soapy water through it, this will clean it well of any deposits. A perfect cycling water bottle is essential there.

Do not use the dishwasher

Of course, it’s much easier to drop your bottle in the dishwasher, but the water temperature in most dishwashers is close to boiling. This temperature can distort the bottle itself, so you should not risk it.

Clean the flask after every trip

Just like a regular mug, the bottle must be washed every time. Even if there was plain water in the bottle, anyway, it is necessary to rinse it well after the trip. After all, even in plain water there are bacteria that can adversely affect your health.

Do not use concentrated detergents

If you need to resort to strong cleaners, it is probably much better to throw this bottle out and buy a new one. In our store you will find bicycle flasks for every taste, size and color. Perhaps it is time to replace yours?

Do not miss the moment when it’s time to throw out the old bottle

Despite all efforts, sometimes the bottle is not cleaned often or thoroughly enough, which leads to mold. So do not risk your health. The price of the bottle is not so high, and if you see that the dirt inside is no longer being cleaned, do not hesitate. The new bottle will be even better and more reliable. The use of the cycling water bottle is essential in this case.

Why You Should Go for the eco friendly water bottles Now


Choosing a safe bottle for drinks is not such an easy task as it seems at first glance. The dominance of low-quality products from China makes users treat the choice scrupulously and with a slight note of mistrust. A modern environmentally friendly flask is made from PET plastic, should not contain Bisphenol-A (be BPA free). Even better if the container is made of copolyester, for example Tritan. The use of eco friendly water bottles is essential.

Tritan is an ultramodern development of Eastman, an American multinational company. It belongs to the class of copolyesters, it is 100% environmentally friendly and extremely durable ( Eastman Tritan (TM) Copolyester TX1001 ). Professional dishes for bars and nightclubs, as well as those establishments where high quality and expensive appearance are required, but glass does not “live” for a long time, are made from this type of material. And, of course, baby bottles for water.

How to determine if a bottle is made from environmentally friendly plastic?

Safety: if an eco bottle is made from Tritan, the manufacturer usually writes this on a plastic water bottle. Also, declares the type of plastic according to international classification. For copolyester it is ♹ (category “others”). It is possible to pour drinks into such containers at temperatures from -10 to + 96 ℃. The use of the eco friendly water bottles is essential there.

Convenience : tritan bottle should be easy to clean. An amazing feature of tritan is the ability to wash in a dishwasher . Tests showed that the material withstands 2,000 cycles .

  • What to look for when choosing a sports bottle for yourself
  • Not a single environmental friendliness, as they say

When choosing a sports bottle for drinking, one should also take into account such factors:

Utility: if you often spend time driving, then the width 60-70 mm will be most comfortable to fit in the cup holder of the car. If you are actively involved in sports, then a pipette nozzle will be the best solution. However, recently, doctors have insisted that this type of water supply is not hygienic, since the mouthpiece is raised at best with teeth, and at worst with dirty hands. That is why in recent years, water bottles with an automatic opening cover have gained wide popularity: here you get protection from dirt and the convenience of using one hand;

Universality: the design of the flask should be suitable for both sports and everyday life, because water should always be at hand;

Volume: the most convenient volume option for adults is 500-650 ml. For a child in school, we recommend buying 350 ml models. For men, a view of 1000 ml is best.

Choose the best

Before you run to the store and buy the first thing that is offered, you need to navigate the modern market of water containers. Water bottles differ in the degree of water filtration, design and material. Usually, the latter characteristic plays a decisive role in choosing a sports bottle for active activities. There are four materials in total, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. This is why the eco friendly water bottles are perfect now.

What the water bottle clip is Used for


While riding a bicycle, the human body experiences high loads, which leads to profuse sweating and loss of fluid. If you do not often drink water during the trip, you get a thirst that kills the pleasure of the trip and leads to serious joint diseases. Therefore, you must always have a sufficient supply of water during the trip. For this purpose, it is necessary to purchase a special bicycle flask or even several, as well as a bottle holder, for attaching the flask to the bike. If you travel long distances, it’s even better to buy a good hydrator. Sometimes, the capacity of the flask or even two may not be enough, and 2-3 liters can fit in a good hydrator. In addition, the hydrator increases safety, in order to drink, the cyclist is absolutely not distracted from the road, and you need to drink often. Using the water bottle clip is a perfect option for carrying the bottles.

Of course, you can carry an ordinary plastic bottle or a flask in a backpack, but then you have to every time you want to drink, stop and climb into a backpack. This will not be a trip, but permanent stops. The advantage of a flask over a regular bottle is that it has a valve that opens with one hand while riding. Therefore, the purchase of a flask and cage holder or hydrator is a must for all cyclists.

Thirst and its effect on the body

Dehydration disrupts the human body at the cellular level. With a lack of water, the joints suffer first and foremost, since during the bike ride the main load goes to the knees and back, it is with them that problems arise for someone who does not drink water during the trip.

The cartilage tissue protects the bones in the joint from friction during bending, it ensures their smooth glide on each other’s surface. The decrease in fluid inside the joint during dehydration makes the cartilage not so slippery that it causes pain in the joint and leads to osteoarthritis of the knee.

Dehydration has a negative effect on the spine, initiating the erasure of disks and violates their structure. This gradually leads to the appearance of intervertebral hernias and protrusions, lumbalgia and torcalgia.

During hot weather, a cyclist without water can easily get a heat stroke. Dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting, palpitations, and breathing are a list of symptoms of heat stroke. If you drink a lot of water during the trip, which is necessary for proper thermoregulation, then heat stroke can be prevented. This is why you need to choose the right water bottle with the water bottle clip.

Types of bottle holders

A bicycle bottle holder is one of the most needed bike accessories. Reliable fixation of the flask, as well as comfort during the trip, depends on his right choice. The loss of a water vessel is distracting, and frequent stops and searches for a bottle spoil the pleasure of walking.

Bottle holders differ in material of manufacture, location and method of attachment. Usually they consist of a stand for the bottle and an adjustable or non-adjustable lock that holds it. Using the water bottle clip is essential.


For the manufacture of fasteners, the following materials are used:

  • Stainless steel is a very durable material, with active cross-country driving, the fastening may break in places of spot welding.
  • Carbon is the lightest and very strong material, but the cost is high, so it found application mainly in professional sports.
  • Titanium alloy is another very durable, lightweight and expensive material.


Purity and Health Assured with the best stainless steel water bottle


Where to get water to drink from? This question appears many times in various forums, articles and even in reports. Today we will try to answer them taking into account all the pros and cons of specific solutions. You need to choose the best stainless steel water bottle for the perfect use now.

The Required Option

As we know, we need water. It is it that best hydrates the body, thanks to which we are able to maintain concentration and well-being. Each of us would like to use high-quality water, more fully necessary elements, but above all safe and healthy. In addition, it would be good to be cheap, fresh and available without restrictions and breaks. Choosing the best stainless steel water bottle is important in this case now.

  • There are several ways to obtain drinking water at home. Some drink raw tap water, others buy whole packs of bottled water, and others install water treatment filters.
  • Today we will look at all these solutions to find the most optimal for both health and pocket.

Tap water – is it always good quality?

Some people think that the raw water flowing from their taps is really good quality. In some cases, this may actually be true. Waterworks care about the quality of water, and the parameters are always in accordance with the ordinance of the minister. Such water can actually have good organoleptic properties. Often, however, it happens that water can be re-polluted, and therefore hazardous to health, full of chlorine and other substances. An additional problem may be the high degree of water hardness, which greatly spoils the appearance of food and hot drinks.


  • A cheap and convenient way to drink water
  • An ecological way for drinking water
  • Water is often used to prepare hot dishes and drinks

Water in plastic bottles

Practically in every supermarket you can see entire shelves filled with water in plastic bottles. You can choose carbonated, non-carbonated, spring, mineral, medicinal. The price range is quite extensive. When buying it, it is worth paying attention to the labels. As a curiosity, it is worth adding that some bottled waters are filtered using reverse osmosis systems. The water in the bottle retains its freshness when opened for two days, as long as it stands in the fridge.


You can always take water with you wherever you go

Water available in many variants and prices to choose from

The ability to choose the type of water to suit your needs

Filtered water

When we clearly feel that there is something wrong with the raw water in our building, we can apply water filtration. There are really different devices to choose from. From filter jugs, through ultrafiltration and nanofiltration systems to technologically advanced reverse osmosis systems.

In this combination it is worth focusing especially on under-sink filters. They are permanently mounted in the kitchen, near the sink. Cartridges are replaced once every 12 months, and you can enjoy healthy, fresh and safe water all year round. For these reasons you need to look for the best stainless steel water bottle.

Specially selected cartridges at every stage of the liquid flow through the device remove a different type of pollution from the water. Chlorine and its derivatives, heavy metals, suspensions, sand, rust, bacteria and viruses are removed from the water.

Perfection of the gym water bottle Now


As far as the quality of tap water is concerned, we are in a much better position today than it was several decades ago. At that time, tap water had to be drunk only after boiling, because it was “enriched” with elements that it is better not to pour into it. Today, water in Polish taps is much better, and specialists from “waterworks” ensure that it is also absolutely harmless. Is this really the case? Opinions are divided, but what is beyond doubt: it is really worth filtering it additionally. The use for the gym water bottle is essential now.

Important reasons for filtering water

Even if municipal water supplies clean water to the taps, it passes through kilometers of moderately clean pipes along the way. It must therefore, once it reaches its destination, contain some sand and rust that is worth getting rid of. In general, it is more hard water, and this means that, for example, the kettle will sooner or later get stone, and the washing efficiency will be lower. The taste of coffee and tea will also suffer. Often in the tap water there are also trace, but still some amounts of chlorine and lead, and thus substances that are significantly harmful to humans. Using the perfectly made gym water bottle offers all the services.

Anyone who hasn’t spoiled their taste buds, e.g. by smoking, knows perfectly well that filtered water, as well as everything that contains it, simply has a much better taste. The essential option for the gym water bottle is essential now.

If you have an aquarist in your family or friends circle, you can ask him if there is unfiltered tap water in his tank. Aquarium fish lovers know best if tap water is a good environment for their aquatic animals and what needs to be done to make them suitable for their breeding.

Why filter when it’s bottled?

Of course, you can buy bottled water, but in most cases it will also be tap water, but packaged, and perhaps also advertised. And at the same time much more expensive. You can – with a greater guarantee of success – order regular supplies of mineral water in bottles or bottles. Such water can be tasty and healthy, but it is rather something for people who do not have to watch every zloty before spending.

Bottled water also has the major disadvantage that its packaging is extremely harmful to the natural environment, so every ecologically-minded person stays away from it.

Filter? Ok but what?

There are many methods, e.g. filter jug, filter bottle or reverse osmosis system. At home, filter jugs are a cost-effective way. A large selection of such jugs can be found at oriontecdladomu.pl . A jug with a filter is an easy-to-use and inexpensive vessel to which you just need to pour a “tap”. It flows through a removable filter that thoroughly cleanses it of everything that should not be in the water. Preparation of 1.5-2 liters of tasty, clean water in this way takes a minute, maybe two. So, filter jugs provide tasty coffee and tea, tastier soups and even tastier cooked dishes. Holders of electric kettles use them longer – because the heater does not build up stone. A jug with a filter does not take up much space and is practically trouble-free.

In addition, the filter jug ​​allows you to completely dispense with bottled water, which means wallet savings and environmental relief. The gym water bottle is essential now in every way.

Home reverse osmosis system

A more expensive, but much more effective way is a home reverse osmosis filter. This multi-stage purification method is the best. The reverse osmosis system is placed under the sink or sink. Homemade reverse osmosis filter can provide several hundred liters of perfectly clean, mineralized water a day.

Finer Choices for the Use of the aluminum water bottle: The Best Option


During production, bottles may be exposed to a large number of contaminants, and the materials and procedures used often have a short history. This means that they are still too little tested for their impact on health and the environment. The use of the aluminum water bottle is effective in this case.

For the love of the environment

Be friendly to nature. Even reusable bottles made of plastic are destructive to our planet. Glass can be recycled indefinitely.

Organic reusable water bottle

It looks like glass. All you have to do is drop it and you already know! It is stronger and lighter than glass, healthier than plastic. The tritan water bottle does not contain BPA, BPS or any other bisphenols. Clean, durable, safe and elegant.

Eagerly bought by caring mothers for their children. No wonder, because apart from cleanliness, the bottle is tight and catches the eye with cheerful colors. This is not the end of the list of advantages. Our models are equipped with a material handle to carry or attach to a bag or backpack. They can easily be washed in the dishwasher. Perfectly made aluminum water bottle is the best option in this case.

Durable and durable

While other plastic products lose their luster after repeated washing, the tritan water bottles remain intact, retaining their color and gloss even after hundreds of dishwasher cycles. Regardless of whether you drop such a bottle, throw it on the bottom of the bag or wash it hundreds of times, tritan can handle it all.

Safe for the whole family

Tritan is not only plastic without BPA, BPS (bisphenol S), but also without any other bisphenols. After performing many tests in laboratories, it turned out to be free of any estrogenic and androgenic effects. The tritan water bottle is therefore ideal for children: neutral to health, impact resistant, with a cheerful appearance.

Stylish and elegant

Tritan is a plastic that is deceptively similar to glass. Elegant-looking water bottles can be in different colors, patterns, shapes. If you are indifferent to good design, you like glassy gloss and transparency, but you do not want to wear a glass bottle – consider the tritan option.

Environment friendly

By buying a tritan water bottle, you care about the environment. Unlike disposable plastic, this bottle is not thrown away after a while. You top up whenever you want, how long you want. Environmentally friendly material can be recycled. Using the aluminum water bottle is effective in this case.

Thermal bottle

If you are looking for a faithful companion who will endure the most extreme situations with you, then we have good news. You just found him! Could there be something more durable than steel? The Rags thermal bottle is made of 18/8 stainless steel, resistant to rough use and even abusing.


What Special Options You Get in Using the sports water bottle


Show me your water bottle and I’ll tell you who you are. If you ever hear this text, don’t be surprised. Things define us. What water bottles are there, everyone sees? Not completely. Nowadays, we have a lot to choose from, and it’s not just about appearance, but something more important: impact on our health . Some will settle for plastic, others will look and drill until they find better substitutes. Using the right sports water bottle is essential there.

See our guide on four types of water bottles: glass , steel , tritan and sugar cane

Decided! You give up plastic water bottles once and for all. You have had enough of their aftertaste and unflattering opinion. You want to be more eco, live healthier and conscious. You are faced with a dilemma: which water bottle should you choose to serve it long and well, fully matching your lifestyle?

Glass bottle – for an eco-friendly elegant

Subtle, transparent and elegant. Every woman will fall in love with her. The glass bottle is ideal for an adult.

It is reached by people who are interested in health, appearance, surroundings and the environment. They are ambassadors of an ecological lifestyle, thanks to which they positively “infect” good discoveries of others. And is what! The glassmade sports water bottle is a perfect deal now.

Return to the roots

For many of you, encouraging you to use a glass bottle every day at a time when we have access to lightweight plastics may seem crazy. Using the finest quality sports water bottle is essential in this case now.

An active lifestyle in the city is somehow at odds with the glass in the purse, which is associated with something fragile, heavy, old school. Like bottled milk on a doormat. And yet! Despite these associations, more and more people are choosing to permanently opt out of light “PETs” in favor of a glass bottle. Why?

This can be considered as a conscious return to the roots. The first known evidence of the use of glass as a container was recorded in ancient Egypt 1500 BC! It was certainly not the first time, however, because early examples of the occurrence of glass appeared much earlier, even 4,000 years BC

  • Tap water bottle
  • Drink water, not a bottle

After years of delight in artificial packaging, there is a renewed interest in glass bottles. Fortunately. This is influenced by pro-ecological social campaigns around the world, increased consumer awareness, and care for one’s own and loved ones.

In the context of purity and neutrality, glass water bottles are second to none. The glass bottle is a leader in the category of pollution-free containers. It does not affect the taste and does not pass any chemicals. You pour clean water you drink clean water, not the aftertaste of the bottle with additives. Water from a glass bottle is simply tastier. The use of the sports water bottle is essential in this case.

Harmful effects of plastic bottles

One of them is bisphenol A, known as BPA, affecting hormonal balance, development, fertility, metabolism. Although current knowledge about BPA threats has forced many companies to change their production methods and consider the materials used more carefully, the creation of plastic bottles is still a highly industrialized enterprise.


What Makes the metal water bottles Better Than the Others


That water is important for health is already known. But everything that surrounds such precious content is often not given due importance. Since the impact on health and the environment, because they can be recyclable, the choice of the bottle is something more complex than what was initially thought. The use of the metal water bottles are perfect there.

Plastic bottle – Water bottles made of plastic are the most popular, as it is a lightweight packaging that brings convenience to the consumer. But, what about the ecological factor? Well, PET-type plastic is recyclable, but the reality is that in Brazil, even though it has grown in the recycling sector, it still leaves something to be desired in the collection and the number of service stations scattered throughout the country. With the finer options for the best quality metal water bottles looking for the plastic bottles will be without any result.

Glass bottle – The glass bottle is closer to the true sense of ecology, since in the concept of the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) the order in which the R’s are disposed are respectively related to their order of importance. The most effective and the least impactful is the reduction, bad water is vitality, it represents 80% of our body, and reuse is even better than recycling, because natural resources are spent on every industrial process. The use of the metal water bottles is essential there.

It is not always possible to reuse when the seat comes, in this case, an important tip is not to reuse pet bottles for the same purpose, over time the plastic changes due to wear and weather, this material is known to release substances, such as Bisphenol-A, associated with more than one type of cancer when exposed to higher temperatures, different from glass, which in addition to remaining more hygienic, does not suffer from wear and does not release substances, so it does not change the taste of the water, which must be tasteless, colorless and odorless, that is, tasteless, colorless and odorless to be classified with levels of purity.

Aluminum bottle – The aluminum bottle is widely used in gyms and sports in general, but we can also find it in other everyday contexts easily. There is not enough research to point out alarming data, but it is known that it also releases unhealthy substances. In this type of bottle, we clearly perceive the change in the taste of water when stored for a long time. An alternative is the stainless steel bottle, which is durable, does not release any type of substance under any climatic conditions, but on the other hand it does not keep the drink refrigerated as much as aluminum, making it unsuitable for long periods without replacement. The wonderfuly made metal water bottles are far better now.

After choosing the water to drink, knowing the market and reflecting on environmental impacts, the choice is up to the consumer. And since the subject is water, it never hurts to remember that our bodies always need to be hydrated, with special attention to physical activities that demand a greater amount of intake from the only one that quenches the thirst for truth: water. At least 2 liters per day is recommended, when associated with sport, the amount may vary at the expense of the time and intensity of the exercises. The use of the metal water bottles is essential there.


Drink water whenever you can. Always take care that the salubrity of this water is guaranteed, as its contamination can bring from mild intoxications to severe. That is why the importance of good sanitation and maintenance of water tanks, filters, water tanks, and even the bottle!

The Best Usage of the personalized water bottles


Do you know the container that a lot of people take around to quench their thirst? If some care is not taken, it can turn into a full plate for microbes. Carelessness with the bottle can put your health at risk. Using personalized water bottles is important now.

The alert came with an investigation by the American institute

It specializes in data on treadmills, which analyzed the presence of bacteria in bottles used by 12 practitioners of physical activity for a week without undergoing washing.

The result was frightening: in some cases more germs were found than in bowls to feed dogs! The first place in the contamination ranking was the bottle known as the slide top, the one in which the lid needs to be slid so that the user has access to the liquid. Soon after, the squeeze type (which squirt water directly into the mouth) was followed by the models with screw cap. The wonderfully made personalized water bottles are the best deals.

Good water is seen on the label

In the evaluation, the containers that have an internal straw inside were the ones that had the lowest number of bacteria. According to the authors of the survey, this is because the drops are accumulated at the base of the straw, instead of being concentrated on the exposed surface, the most attractive place for microbes to settle.

The findings of the small experiment are no reason to throw the container in the trash. Most of these microorganisms come from our mouth and normally do not cause diseases. The findings reinforce, however, the importance of cleaning (or changing) the accessory considering some contexts. Using the personalized water bottles is important there.

Although the presence of these agents does not offer risks in itself, factors such as sores in the mouth or weakened immunity facilitate their arrival in the bloodstream, which can trigger malaise, diarrhea.

Regularly washing the accessory with water and detergent is sufficient to stop threats of this type. Many people neglect this habit because the bottle is for private use. Do not fall for this and respect some precautions (see the advice below). So your bottle will not become a nest of germs. Using the perfectly made personalized water bottles is the best choice there.


Almost all drinking water in the world has plastic.

And your health?

Best choice

Prefer those that have an internal straw and an easier shape to be sanitized. Choosing stainless steel is a good thing, as it makes it difficult for bacteria to install.

If it is plastic

Escape packaging with a recycling symbol with numbers 3 or 7. They indicate the presence of bisphenol A. Avoid using the same bottle of mineral water every day.

When to switch

Although there is no time limit for this, it is prudent to replace the bottle if there are grooves and color fading, signs that it is already too old.


Wash it every time it is used, paying attention to places that are difficult to access, such as the screw on the lid and the edges of the straw. A bottle brush helps. In the personalized water bottles you can maintain these matters.


Protect the pout, avoid falls or bumps and do not leave the bottle for a long time in stuffy places, such as the car, something that favors microbes.

Why Use the h2go water bottle for You Now


In winter, a time of growth for respiratory and allergic problems, water becomes very important to fight possible diseases. In summer, hydration becomes super necessary, since the loss of fluid from the body is greater. At any time of the year, drinking water is good. The h2go water bottle happens to be the best option there.

But how do you drink your water?

We have already raised the problems related to the consumption of PET bottles and the negative environmental impact caused by this type of product. There are also problems caused by the microplastic that comes off from this type of bottle and intoxication by several dangerous chemical compounds such as Bisphenol-A (BPA). High quality h2go water bottles are now used for the same now.

So what is the solution when storing water? One is the use of reusable bottles. This is a product that is becoming increasingly popular, with numerous models, designs, colors and styles. But these are not the only details that we must take into account when we buy this type of container. The h2go water bottle comes up as the best choice now.

Plastic bottle

The most common reusable bottles are made of this type of material. The main advantages are its low price, lightness and ease of washing.

On the other hand, some models still have BPA in their composition and can release toxins when heated. Studies show that bottles filled with hot water release the chemical compound up to 55 times faster.

In this case, BPA takes on the characteristics of a xenoestrogen, affecting neurological functions.

Another problem is when disposing of the bottle, which is often done in the wrong way, causing the plastic, and the microplastic into which it becomes, to become extremely dangerous pollutants for the environment. This is why the use of the finest quality h2go water bottle is there now.

Aluminum bottle

This type of bottle does not face the same problems as plastic when it comes to disposal, since aluminum is recycled on a large scale in Brazil. Another advantage is the lightness, which makes this also a more practical option for day-to-day.

On the other hand, it is not very resistant and can be easily crushed. Research shows that some models have an internal coating that can contain BPA, so be aware of this fact when purchasing this bottle model.

Stainless steel bottles

More durable, stainless steel bottles offer several advantages. There is no risk of intoxication by chemical compounds, as with models made of plastic or aluminum, it is more hygienic and can be washed in the dishwasher.

On the other hand, they heat up easily, making it unsuitable for carrying cold drinks. In addition, they are expensive and can dent if dropped. With h2go water bottle you can find the best deals as of now.


Regardless of what material the bottle is made of, always pay attention to the manufacturer’s usage specifications to make the most of the product and minimize any health problems that may occur during its use.

Some models are made specifically for cold drinks, while others are only for hot drinks. Misuse can lead to shorter product usage times.

But remember: the simple fact of exchanging disposable cups for reusable models is already a major advance.