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Why Use the h2go water bottle for You Now


In winter, a time of growth for respiratory and allergic problems, water becomes very important to fight possible diseases. In summer, hydration becomes super necessary, since the loss of fluid from the body is greater. At any time of the year, drinking water is good. The h2go water bottle happens to be the best option there.

But how do you drink your water?

We have already raised the problems related to the consumption of PET bottles and the negative environmental impact caused by this type of product. There are also problems caused by the microplastic that comes off from this type of bottle and intoxication by several dangerous chemical compounds such as Bisphenol-A (BPA). High quality h2go water bottles are now used for the same now.

So what is the solution when storing water? One is the use of reusable bottles. This is a product that is becoming increasingly popular, with numerous models, designs, colors and styles. But these are not the only details that we must take into account when we buy this type of container. The h2go water bottle comes up as the best choice now.

Plastic bottle

The most common reusable bottles are made of this type of material. The main advantages are its low price, lightness and ease of washing.

On the other hand, some models still have BPA in their composition and can release toxins when heated. Studies show that bottles filled with hot water release the chemical compound up to 55 times faster.

In this case, BPA takes on the characteristics of a xenoestrogen, affecting neurological functions.

Another problem is when disposing of the bottle, which is often done in the wrong way, causing the plastic, and the microplastic into which it becomes, to become extremely dangerous pollutants for the environment. This is why the use of the finest quality h2go water bottle is there now.

Aluminum bottle

This type of bottle does not face the same problems as plastic when it comes to disposal, since aluminum is recycled on a large scale in Brazil. Another advantage is the lightness, which makes this also a more practical option for day-to-day.

On the other hand, it is not very resistant and can be easily crushed. Research shows that some models have an internal coating that can contain BPA, so be aware of this fact when purchasing this bottle model.

Stainless steel bottles

More durable, stainless steel bottles offer several advantages. There is no risk of intoxication by chemical compounds, as with models made of plastic or aluminum, it is more hygienic and can be washed in the dishwasher.

On the other hand, they heat up easily, making it unsuitable for carrying cold drinks. In addition, they are expensive and can dent if dropped. With h2go water bottle you can find the best deals as of now.


Regardless of what material the bottle is made of, always pay attention to the manufacturer’s usage specifications to make the most of the product and minimize any health problems that may occur during its use.

Some models are made specifically for cold drinks, while others are only for hot drinks. Misuse can lead to shorter product usage times.

But remember: the simple fact of exchanging disposable cups for reusable models is already a major advance.