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What Special Options You Get in Using the sports water bottle


Show me your water bottle and I’ll tell you who you are. If you ever hear this text, don’t be surprised. Things define us. What water bottles are there, everyone sees? Not completely. Nowadays, we have a lot to choose from, and it’s not just about appearance, but something more important: impact on our health . Some will settle for plastic, others will look and drill until they find better substitutes. Using the right sports water bottle is essential there.

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Decided! You give up plastic water bottles once and for all. You have had enough of their aftertaste and unflattering opinion. You want to be more eco, live healthier and conscious. You are faced with a dilemma: which water bottle should you choose to serve it long and well, fully matching your lifestyle?

Glass bottle – for an eco-friendly elegant

Subtle, transparent and elegant. Every woman will fall in love with her. The glass bottle is ideal for an adult.

It is reached by people who are interested in health, appearance, surroundings and the environment. They are ambassadors of an ecological lifestyle, thanks to which they positively “infect” good discoveries of others. And is what! The glassmade sports water bottle is a perfect deal now.

Return to the roots

For many of you, encouraging you to use a glass bottle every day at a time when we have access to lightweight plastics may seem crazy. Using the finest quality sports water bottle is essential in this case now.

An active lifestyle in the city is somehow at odds with the glass in the purse, which is associated with something fragile, heavy, old school. Like bottled milk on a doormat. And yet! Despite these associations, more and more people are choosing to permanently opt out of light “PETs” in favor of a glass bottle. Why?

This can be considered as a conscious return to the roots. The first known evidence of the use of glass as a container was recorded in ancient Egypt 1500 BC! It was certainly not the first time, however, because early examples of the occurrence of glass appeared much earlier, even 4,000 years BC

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  • Drink water, not a bottle

After years of delight in artificial packaging, there is a renewed interest in glass bottles. Fortunately. This is influenced by pro-ecological social campaigns around the world, increased consumer awareness, and care for one’s own and loved ones.

In the context of purity and neutrality, glass water bottles are second to none. The glass bottle is a leader in the category of pollution-free containers. It does not affect the taste and does not pass any chemicals. You pour clean water you drink clean water, not the aftertaste of the bottle with additives. Water from a glass bottle is simply tastier. The use of the sports water bottle is essential in this case.

Harmful effects of plastic bottles

One of them is bisphenol A, known as BPA, affecting hormonal balance, development, fertility, metabolism. Although current knowledge about BPA threats has forced many companies to change their production methods and consider the materials used more carefully, the creation of plastic bottles is still a highly industrialized enterprise.