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What Makes the metal water bottles Better Than the Others


That water is important for health is already known. But everything that surrounds such precious content is often not given due importance. Since the impact on health and the environment, because they can be recyclable, the choice of the bottle is something more complex than what was initially thought. The use of the metal water bottles are perfect there.

Plastic bottle – Water bottles made of plastic are the most popular, as it is a lightweight packaging that brings convenience to the consumer. But, what about the ecological factor? Well, PET-type plastic is recyclable, but the reality is that in Brazil, even though it has grown in the recycling sector, it still leaves something to be desired in the collection and the number of service stations scattered throughout the country. With the finer options for the best quality metal water bottles looking for the plastic bottles will be without any result.

Glass bottle – The glass bottle is closer to the true sense of ecology, since in the concept of the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) the order in which the R’s are disposed are respectively related to their order of importance. The most effective and the least impactful is the reduction, bad water is vitality, it represents 80% of our body, and reuse is even better than recycling, because natural resources are spent on every industrial process. The use of the metal water bottles is essential there.

It is not always possible to reuse when the seat comes, in this case, an important tip is not to reuse pet bottles for the same purpose, over time the plastic changes due to wear and weather, this material is known to release substances, such as Bisphenol-A, associated with more than one type of cancer when exposed to higher temperatures, different from glass, which in addition to remaining more hygienic, does not suffer from wear and does not release substances, so it does not change the taste of the water, which must be tasteless, colorless and odorless, that is, tasteless, colorless and odorless to be classified with levels of purity.

Aluminum bottle – The aluminum bottle is widely used in gyms and sports in general, but we can also find it in other everyday contexts easily. There is not enough research to point out alarming data, but it is known that it also releases unhealthy substances. In this type of bottle, we clearly perceive the change in the taste of water when stored for a long time. An alternative is the stainless steel bottle, which is durable, does not release any type of substance under any climatic conditions, but on the other hand it does not keep the drink refrigerated as much as aluminum, making it unsuitable for long periods without replacement. The wonderfuly made metal water bottles are far better now.

After choosing the water to drink, knowing the market and reflecting on environmental impacts, the choice is up to the consumer. And since the subject is water, it never hurts to remember that our bodies always need to be hydrated, with special attention to physical activities that demand a greater amount of intake from the only one that quenches the thirst for truth: water. At least 2 liters per day is recommended, when associated with sport, the amount may vary at the expense of the time and intensity of the exercises. The use of the metal water bottles is essential there.


Drink water whenever you can. Always take care that the salubrity of this water is guaranteed, as its contamination can bring from mild intoxications to severe. That is why the importance of good sanitation and maintenance of water tanks, filters, water tanks, and even the bottle!