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The Best Usage of the personalized water bottles


Do you know the container that a lot of people take around to quench their thirst? If some care is not taken, it can turn into a full plate for microbes. Carelessness with the bottle can put your health at risk. Using personalized water bottles is important now.

The alert came with an investigation by the American institute

It specializes in data on treadmills, which analyzed the presence of bacteria in bottles used by 12 practitioners of physical activity for a week without undergoing washing.

The result was frightening: in some cases more germs were found than in bowls to feed dogs! The first place in the contamination ranking was the bottle known as the slide top, the one in which the lid needs to be slid so that the user has access to the liquid. Soon after, the squeeze type (which squirt water directly into the mouth) was followed by the models with screw cap. The wonderfully made personalized water bottles are the best deals.

Good water is seen on the label

In the evaluation, the containers that have an internal straw inside were the ones that had the lowest number of bacteria. According to the authors of the survey, this is because the drops are accumulated at the base of the straw, instead of being concentrated on the exposed surface, the most attractive place for microbes to settle.

The findings of the small experiment are no reason to throw the container in the trash. Most of these microorganisms come from our mouth and normally do not cause diseases. The findings reinforce, however, the importance of cleaning (or changing) the accessory considering some contexts. Using the personalized water bottles is important there.

Although the presence of these agents does not offer risks in itself, factors such as sores in the mouth or weakened immunity facilitate their arrival in the bloodstream, which can trigger malaise, diarrhea.

Regularly washing the accessory with water and detergent is sufficient to stop threats of this type. Many people neglect this habit because the bottle is for private use. Do not fall for this and respect some precautions (see the advice below). So your bottle will not become a nest of germs. Using the perfectly made personalized water bottles is the best choice there.


Almost all drinking water in the world has plastic.

And your health?

Best choice

Prefer those that have an internal straw and an easier shape to be sanitized. Choosing stainless steel is a good thing, as it makes it difficult for bacteria to install.

If it is plastic

Escape packaging with a recycling symbol with numbers 3 or 7. They indicate the presence of bisphenol A. Avoid using the same bottle of mineral water every day.

When to switch

Although there is no time limit for this, it is prudent to replace the bottle if there are grooves and color fading, signs that it is already too old.


Wash it every time it is used, paying attention to places that are difficult to access, such as the screw on the lid and the edges of the straw. A bottle brush helps. In the personalized water bottles you can maintain these matters.


Protect the pout, avoid falls or bumps and do not leave the bottle for a long time in stuffy places, such as the car, something that favors microbes.